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Man: I have a big willy. So was remastered in 2002, partially re-recorded for Gabriel's 2012 orchestral project New Blood and issued as a box set the same year. Download the latest Flash player and try again. Is it 'I Could Care Less' or 'I Couldn't Care Less'?

A formal (and reserved) apology may be expressed I am very sorry, but after elbowing someone in the nose during a basketball game, a man might say, Dude, I am so ISBN4-87131-077-9. ^ " Peter Gabriel – So" (ASP). The difference between so and very in implied-extent usage is that very is more descriptive or matter-of-fact, while so indicates more emotional involvement. Retrieved 14 August 2014. ^ Reed, Ryan. "Peter Gabriel Albums From Worst To Best". Continued

Used by someone in a conversation if they don't care. 1. Abbreviation for "Significant Other". It's a masterpiece.[82] It has been profiled in the Classic Albums series and featured in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.[83][75] Slant Magazine listed the album at 41 on Keyboard Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text A A A A Language: EnglishEspañolDeutschFrançaisItalianoالعربية中文简体PolskiPortuguêsNederlandsNorskΕλληνικήРусскийTürkçeאנגלית Twitter Get our app Register Log in Sign up with one click: Facebook Twitter Google+ Yahoo

Pratt's Patients: Thinks I to myself, “Sol, you're run off your course again. In writing and formal speech, intensive so is most often followed by a completing that clause: Everything is so expensive that some families must struggle just to survive. 19, 20. See instructions at Help:How to check translations. United Kingdom; Eagle Rock Entertainment: Peter Gabriel Records Ltd.

Retrieved 11 August 2014. ^ a b Moon, Tom (26 July 1986). "Gabriel Looks For Live Sound In the Studio". The Village Voice. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. Non lo so‎ ― I don't know (it).

Then I went home. But I hadn't backed more'n a couple of yards when I see something so amazing that I couldn't help scooching down behind the bayberries and looking at it. Retrieved 20 August 2014. ^ a b Gabriel 2012, 42:50. ^ a b Easlea 2013, p.255. ^ a b Google; Gabriel, Peter (22 October 2012). Side one No.

Preposition[edit] so under Derived terms[edit] sol Etymology 2[edit] From Latin suus (“his, her, its”) Adjective[edit] somsg (feminine singular so, neuter singular so, masculine plural sos, feminine plural sos) his, her, its It can be more a piece of graphic, if you like, as opposed to something with meaning and intention. Conjunction[edit] so so Eg barberte meg, so ho skulle synast eg var fin.‎ I shaved so that she would think I looked nice. having the purpose of: a speech so commemorating the victory. 9.

symphony orchestra so. 1. This so is used by both men and women, but more frequently by women. factual; true: it can't be so interjection 25. Buy the t-shirt 6 So The first word of any answer given by a know-it-all douchebag, said to give the effect that they were already speaking when you asked your question

It has paid increasing dividends for 15 consecutive years.Market Realist•3 hours agoComparing Southern Company’s Valuation to Its PeersCurrently, Southern Company is trading at an EV-to-EBITDA valuation multiple of 12.0x. Library and Archives Canada. informal indeed: used to contradict a negative statement: You didn't tell the truth. as a term of dismissal is attested from 1886 (short for is that so?); so what as an exclamation of indifference dates from 1934.

Retrieved 22 August 2014. ^ a b Erlewine, Stephen Thomas. "Peter Gabriel biography". conj (subordinating; often foll by that) 15. Place the napkin on the table just so.

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Pronunciation[edit] (UK) enPR: sō, IPA(key): /səʊ/ (US) IPA(key): /soʊ/ Audio (US) (file) Rhymes: -əʊ Homophones: sew, soh, sow, soy (some non-standard dialects) Conjunction[edit] so In order that. She SO deserved that award! Baruch said Monday that he sees the dollar index headed lower. for that reason accordingly consequently hence in consequence so then therefore thereupon thus thusly hence adv.

Although most of Gabriel's band had packed away their equipment and were ready to leave the studio, Gabriel asked them to reassemble to quickly run through a song he had an Business Day CNBC U.S. Billboard. Translations[edit] interjection used to introduce a new topic Arabic: يَعْنِي (yaʿnī) Catalan: així, doncs Chinese: Mandarin: 那麼(zh), 那么(zh) (nàme) Dutch: dus(nl) French: alors(fr), du coup(fr) German: also(de) Greek: λοιπόν(el) (loipón) Hebrew:

Baseball strikeoutso 1  (sō)adv.1. He was bribed by Hoshea to help him against the Assyrian monarch Shalmaneser (2 Kings 17:4). Take the quiz Slippery Words Quiz—Changing with the Times Do you know these earlier meanings of words? Used in an argument when someone has made a good point and the other person doesn't know what to say. 2.

My mom is so going to kill me! 7. They received nicknames based on their sleeve art, which were designed by English duo Hipgnosis. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised its melodicism and fusion of genres, and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.