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Does Anyone Use Internet Explorer Anymore


I don't like they picked up the fight against MS for ultimately the OS. Remember Me? then it's HTML5." For all their talk about HTML5 Microsoft hasn't adequately upgraded IE to deal with it properly, and the syntax that IE recognizes is still stuck in older versions Do They have chrome for iOS now?

You can control IE via domain's AD, plus it's easier to only use one Web Browser for updating software on company network. MS seems to sneak that back in at every chance. So Yes, Microsoft Innovated From IE3 until IE6, Microsoft used all their resources to simply out-innovate the competition, releasing new features and better browsers faster than Netscape. It is nice that with a Microsoft Account & Windows 8 I can finally sync across that platform.

Does Anyone Use Internet Explorer Anymore

Microsoft’s troubling browser decline started raising eyebrows when Edge user base wasn’t growing as precipitously as its brand new operating system. This is a self consoling string of reasons to justify not moving into the 21st century of the web. I do remember though that IE 4 included Active Desktop, with Microsoft shoving HTML into places it didn't belong.

Loading comments... Relying on grandma to update when prompted is STUPID. That being said, there are third party providers of AD integration products for Firefox, which introduces another layer of administration for a given IT team - something that is relevant in Why You Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer Internet Explorer in Browsers & Mail Dear Community, Could you please help me with the following problem.

Related Threads Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome can not open internet page in Browsers & Mail My Sisters net book developed a fault within four days of setting up, in so Does Anyone Still Use Internet Explorer These should be free and you shouldn't have to deal with any of it. OS Windows 8.1, 10 Quote Page 3 of 3 First 123 Jump to page: Only person who uses and loves Internet Explorer? « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Forum Windows AMbro86 Don't be a smart A.

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Go check your email! Who Uses Internet Explorer Anymore If I had my way I wouldn't touch IE ever again just for this reason. Jeremy I hate IE and now I hate you too. If IE doesn't work well, people often switch to other browsers.

Does Anyone Still Use Internet Explorer

No one.,2817,2389463,00.asp Mostly due to the costs/resources required and some because they are out-of-support. Does Anyone Use Internet Explorer Anymore ONly (-_-) Nham Thien Duong After the release of Internet Explorer Mobile 11, Internet Explorer will also be able to do that, but that's mostly for us Windows Phone users. :-) What Is Wrong With Internet Explorer Today And their activity online is easily flagged as government related.

Now it's easy to see why the federal government will always prefer a single browser environment. In the Beginning There Was IE, and It Was Good? Yes, I use Opera because it looks better on start-up), IE for browsing and FF for research/work. Like most infosec professionals I know and love, he preferred to remain anonymous. Reasons To Use Internet Explorer

So, please tell us why Chrome is bad for web development. Further Reading Bing gets travel time, mileage, and turn-by-turn directions on the web Microsoft adds Image Matching to Bing Search InPrivate browsing and Tab Syncing in IE 11 Msft producta are trapped in 1999. To be fair, browsers that are popular today may not be in vogue later down the track.

Dave Windows updates automatically for most people, that is the default setting. Why Not To Use Internet Explorer david Garbage. Reply 1 smithy_dll @smithy_dll Aug 27, 2015, 9:04pm IE 4.0 ran rings around the bloated Netscape Communicator.

The IE box model by default is incorrect.

But for the rest: pot. They can update Firefox whenever they want to or ignore the update for a couple of days or weeks. It's a finding so apparently defamatory that the company responsible for the statement is allegedly being threatened with a lawsuit by inflamed Internet Explorer aficionados. Why Do People Use Internet Explorer Tyrannosaurus Rex One time I tried giving bing a chance.

Instead of using a TweetDeck web app I download TweetDeck for Windows. A lot of people will argue that that is the better way to do things. During the month of February I strapped myself to that chair in the dark dungeon and forced myself to use only Internet Explorer and Bing. Check This Out The large share can be attributed to Internet Explorer being the browser installed with the Microsoft operating system, but share has been declining for some time.

When you say Microsoft makes you pay for the next version do you mean of Windows? For instance, this code is all that is required to crash IE6: scriptfor(x in document.write){document.write(x);} In fact, the screenshot at the beginning of this section was a live example of testing A new report indicates that lower IQ scores are significantly correlated with Internet Explorer browser use. I hope you get hacked , hard.

So people who don’t like living life in a closed ecosystem are forced to used different browsers for different devices. I'd rather have IE control the sync and not my Microsoft Account tied to a Win8 login. Gizmodo Newsletter Kotaku Newsletter Lifehacker Newsletter Yes, I wish to receive exclusive discounts, special offers and competitions from our partners. Which then don't render or work properly since we're stuck on IE8 (Win7 Enterprise).

By the time 6 came around, enterprises were firmly reliant upon IE, as Netscape had just fallen away. It feels nice to break out of the mainstream - everyone I see has one single browser on their desktop (namely, Google Chrome). Last edited August 27, 2015 4:09 pm Reply 0 phoniclynx @phoniclynx Aug 27, 2015, 4:38pm ....leave already.... Across the board, the average IQ scores presented for users of Internet Explorer versions 6 through 9 were all lower than the IQ scores recorded for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Camino, and

Geeks Being Forced to Use Internet Explorer And here’s where we come to the real issue—the whole reason that geeks can’t stand Internet Explorer: Geeks everywhere were forced to use Internet The less tech savvy doesn't know how it could be and by extention doesn't care. Why do many people dislike Microsofts programs? It hasn't been updated because the business considers the cost too extreme.

this allows for easier troubleshooting and management of these, meaning less time and resources from a bottom line. Many test have been done and shown that all browsers can be hacked, it's just that hackers go after the one with the larger share of the market. That's not a war, it's an abusive monopoly - hence the lawsuits. Each and every issue is packed with punishing product reviews, insightful and innovative how-to stories and the illuminating technical articles that enthusiasts crave.... PCMy libraryHelpAdvanced Book SearchSubscribeGet Textbooks on Google PlayRent