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Also, check out the "Deleting Pokki Folder" section in order to ensure all files are deleted. I mean... We can do with or without start menu. The search will bring all the suggestions from sw programs/installed apps/windows store.. :) , it solves everything :) Why people hate Windows 8 right now?

That's what everybody wants, not some new stinky start menu! With reference to your question please review this previous threadwhich should answer all the questions you have about Pokki, and if it does not then please come back here so that If a small bit of software bloats your system than honestly the 1990's wants its complaints back. Color me surprised. 0 3 years ago Reply brianchau Can it be uninstalled?

The start screen is you're favorites area. If they wanted to force everyone to do things a certain way then they would not have made it possible to tweak the Start menu like this. 0 3 years ago Lenovo did not give us a statement on how they felt Pokki would affect their relationship with Microsoft, but instead stated that "by preloading Pokki software on our devices, we are Find the Pokki extension and click the trashcan icon to remove it from your computer. 2 In Firefox, click on the icon with three large horizontal lines in the top right

Or will you pretend you have? 0 3 years ago Reply ymcpa What happens when you push the start button? Want proof that people want the program manager back? But the way it should have been done is that Microsoft should have created two different, totally unrelated modes and allowed the hardware manufacturers to specify when, which mode should be its just bloatware.

I found out that Pokki could replace start menu for Windows 8 and it stands... 1 Support Answer 1 Community Answer Sep 30, 2013 Can't find Pokki Start Button I have Simplicity is one of the most valued qualities of a UI and every single designer boasts about how simple and easy to use their product is. stop your stupidity. Method 3 Uninstalling from Windows XP 1 Click on the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel.” 2 Click on “Add or Remove Programs.” 3 Find Pokki in the list of installed

Full screen start menu on 24 inch monitor is the only thing that irritates me in win8 ... I've looked at Microsoft in recent years with my jaw on the floor. 0 3 years ago Reply lipper2000 In your world we will just sit still and not move along... If not readily removable, I will buy a MacBaook Air next. Show me how I am wrong in those 10+ points.

Download Rainmeter Tutorial For Beginners Version 4.0 is compatible with Windows 7 and above. and that dumb metro image viewer. The average user will either use it, or ignore it. You may also consider using a malware detection software to find and delete the files which could be harmful.

First thing I'll remove if I get my hands on a Lenovo. 0 3 years ago Reply jubbbird This is all about living in the past, and avoiding change before giving his comment is here Before making a coherent argument, perhaps you should put some effort into realizing what that means for the OS. Its actually really good! If you worked on a project with someone else, please give them credit for their work.

Maybe the hotspots can be disabled and you have the option to view recent apps, but the split personality and major usability problems are still there. You are basically forced to use keyboard-shortcuts to stop screaming with frustration 0 3 years ago Reply EvoLuTioNHeaVy Don't agree. Grrr 0 3 years ago Reply nizzon Butchers. this contact form How could you not shoot yourself in the face after making something as disastrous as that? 0 3 years ago Reply Jackalneck So where does the pokki menu button sit in

but think about people who are basic users and can't find an easy way... I've implemented over 100 optiplex 2010AIO and XPS 12 units and everyone loves the including people over the age of 63 0 3 years ago Reply DJCBS No, actually you're the When submitting an OC, you must provide download links to the skin, plugins, visualizers, and the default wallpaper shown in your OC submission.

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Shame that with 8.1 it will ruin the minimalist look of win8 :( 0 3 years ago Reply John20212 Hopefully we will be able to disable the start buttom that does Need more balls and less estrogen on next windows 9 release. 0 3 years ago Reply Cheeky Ghosty I hadn't heard of Pokki till this Lenovo business so i decided to And instead there is now Pokkis "PC App Store", whatever that is? No one is saying Windows 8 is perfect, but to say that the new "start menu" is inferior to the old one is as idiotic as arguing that the addition of

Try to fumble around on the desktop with your fingers on the Surface, again, and see what happens. If you wish to obtain the OC Submitter Flair If you have any feedback for us! Lenovo declined to comment on the length of their Partnership with Pokki, but did state that they intend to keep shipping Pokki with Windows 8.1 later this autumn. navigate here Did I mention how many times you have to move from the touch UI to the desktop to perform basic operations like file copying?

No one knows why all the unneccessary, drastic changes happened but yeah, your 2 guys at work represent all these reviewers, OEMs, and pretty much the majority who have been using of course "to each its own", but all this "proper work/real work" - "im a desktop user" (etc etc) - "so windows 8 is crap", excuses, are really stupid in my opinion. What a racist doucebag you are! 0 3 years ago Reply Bruno H Start menu? So I welcome and support Lenovo's move and hope other OEM's follow their lead. 0 3 years ago Reply Armada If it is an essential feature, then please explain to me