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Disable Metro Windows 8


Naturally, I'm going to use the physical keyboard when writing. As some have already pointed out, it's not about making a BETTER desktop, it's about CONTROL of the desktop. I've got an X1 too and I find that after 6 months, I NEVER use the tiled start screen unless I have to get to an app I can't get to Do you know about this?ThxKrunal MevadaWednesday, 17 April 2013 12:20:01 UTCOn my Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch, Win8 Pro, the service name is Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service, not sure why this content

Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Please Log In or Register to post comments. And those cheesy keyboards they off offer for tablets are not going to make productivity jump anytime soon. Log In or Register to post comments victorbush on Sep 17, 2013 The desktop will become irrelevant for the average user. Microsoft wants a piece of that action, and it's not going to happen with the desktop.

Disable Metro Windows 8 Justin Oh, you mean the Wacom Cintiq series? I'm sorry, but Microsoft has neither the right to tell me (or my clients) who the sole source for buying applications is…nor do they have the right to tell anyone whom I can't imagine trying to run these programs on a "Metro" interface. In contrast, Steve Sinofsky and his underlings designed the desktop mode Windows 8 to deliberately not display the keyboard when needed.

Although many now incorporate a dock, launcher or taskbar they still launch windowed applications to the desktop much the same way as before. Full and split screen applications work well for some purposes, not so great for others. And that will remain true for the next 20 years. Skip Metro Suite Download Log In or Register to post comments TheMeddler on Sep 17, 2013 Paul, The book you mention (Showstopper) has just as many OCR mistakes in the new edition print version.

I've just tested it in one of the TechNet virtual labs ( and this worked: Get-WindowsFeature *gui* | Uninstall-WindowsFeature -remove –Restart Reply Linaad says: January 1, 2016 at 7:54 am I We don't sell apps.  I am a web developer, not an app developer.  Again, not sure what your point is.  I like Win 8, I am embracing the improvements it brings. Could a lot of the background-processing shell processes shut down when an app is running? Android will falter as manufacturers create their own OSes or move back to MS (I'm anticipating a massive Dumping lawsuit against Google in the next few years as they continue to

The revenue stream will make sure of that. Disable Metro Ui Windows 10 Or do you think Metro will over time develop into a platform that will be capable of supporting complex workflows, running nuclear power station control rooms, professional media creation facilities and Best Picks 2 hr Best 4K Ultra-HD TVs 2017 Deals 3 hr Get Asus' 1080p 23-inch Monitor for $80 How-To 3 hr Nikon Crop Factor: Conversion Tables for FX and DX In Windows 8.1, most of the settings that users typically access are available in the Metro-based PC Settings interface.

Disable Metro Windows 10

I did, which is why I bought one. For reasons unknown to me however, my hard drive has been assigned two different drive letters and so is listed twice in My Computer among other places. Disable Metro Windows 8 Apps developed for Windows Phone offer the most instructive view of this change. Can I Make My Windows 8 Look Like Windows 7 It's equally clear to me that the company will not admit such a thing now, not while it is trying to convince 1.5 billion desktop-using Windows customers to upgrade to Windows

And I mean that literally: The ribbon is context sensitive, so you'll see different commands, often in unique ribbon tabs, surfaced as you view different types of folders and other file news The keyboard makes use of all ten of our fingers, where touch tends to use one or two. I think it is for App development mostly. close WindowsWindows 10 Windows RT Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP MobileWindows Phone Mobile Devices CloudOneDrive Skype Windows Server Office Music & Videos GamesXbox 360 Xbox One Disable Windows 8 Tiles Screen

Either the author is attention starved or has not though things through. I don't have a touchscreen, don't want a touchscreen, and get all my serious work done on a desktop (as is true for most people.) So even though I am running So the bottom line is 640k and 5 computers wasn’t enough and I’m not so sure about metro either. have a peek at these guys Old HDD F:/ is listed as system and can't boot without it in Installation & Setup Hi Guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s just make a pretty display. Windows 8.1 Normal Start Menu There are plenty of things like this, and I wonder which things you think must make their way into metro before it can truly replace the desktop. You're not losing anything.

Folks decried the end of the mainframe.

Make a very simple registry entry that turns the Metro interface off and restores the Start button. You get to your hotel and need to write a document and modify a graphic for a customer. Avatar Roku By 2013 if you're making a computer that doesn't have a touch screen you're making a piece of crap. Disable Windows 8 Start Screen On Startup Onuora Amobi Excellent question!

Just glance from one window another - simple and productive. I believe the battle cry "Windows, Windows, Windows" has lead them astray. Quote: t's nowhere near the level of the more mature desktop File Explorer yet And add to it no boot from ReFS drives, no Start menu, calculator getting now some functionality check my blog You can survive sure, but you will be missing out on a lot of advancements that make computing better and more fun.

Log In or Register to post comments CaptianStack on Sep 17, 2013 Paul, I think it's important to discuss the difference between the desktop and the Win32 application ecosystem. Tear them down and rethink their usability. So to utilize that, you'll have to either dole out money for new monitors in each location at which you compute, or dole out money for devices to fit on your Wouldn't that be a Windows Dev Teams dream come true?

As for Windows 8 applications, I'm not too worried.  At the point that Microsoft started saying that it would be limiting the Metro UI application distribution to Microsoft App Store acquisition-only Right-click the returned Start button and select Control Panel if you’ve opted to stick with the Windows 8.1 version, or open the Start menu and select Control Panel if you’ve installed Return to your old-ways. 16 warezme Apr 23, 2013, 5:36 PM 1) Boot Screen2) Boot Screen Choice A: Touch screen device, Choice B: Standard Device3) Boot Into desired desktop mode and Previous Next Summary Hands-on with the Windows Blue Leaks Interface: Changes to the Start Screen Interface: Tile Management New Snap-To Options New Apps ReFS (Resilient File System) Support, Metro Settings Changes

And those who are looking for a pure tablet experience will be able to make that happen.